Naples Part One: Naples Attractions

Naples is one of the largest cities in Southern Italy. This underrated city is overlooked by many tourists. Besides its architecture and history, this city is the birthplace of Pizza and one can indulge in hot and delicious pizzas in numerous pizzerias throughout the city. Below are the important attractions not to be missed during the stay in Naples.

Naples National Archaeological Museum

This museum contains a large collection of Roman artifacts, gems, pottery, gold, and silver from Pompeii, Rome, Stabiae and Herculaneum.

Museo Cappella San Severo

This chapel museum is famous for its beautiful ‘Veiled Christ’.

Naples Underground Geothermal Zone or Napoli Sotterranea

Descend down 35m of stairs below the ground level. This underground was used as aqueducts for water storage. During the Second World War, these aqueducts were used as bunkers for about 2000 people from Naples.

Nearby is the Roman theatre where King Nero had performed. Later, the theatre was demolished for the construction of the city. A portion of the theatre was accidentally discovered in a flat.

Duomo di Napoli

The beautiful ‘Duomo di Napoli’ was built in the 14th century and contains beautiful sculptures and frescos. The dome is magnificent and contains very beautiful frescos with golden borders. This church is dedicated to the ‘Lady of Assumptions’. San Gennaro’s bones are displayed in the crypt.

Bay of Naples

Take a stroll along the beautiful bay of Naples and catch a beautiful view of Mt Vesuvius.

The Piazza del Plebiscito

This square situated close to the Gulf of Naples, contains the Royal Palace, Church of San Francesco di Paola, etc.


The Palazzo Capodimonte or National Museum of Capodimonte

This museum contains a vast collection of Neapolitan paintings and art.

San Francesco di Paola

This church is located at the Piazza del Plebiscito and is built similar to the Pantheon at Rome.


San Lorenzo Maggiore


Castel Nuovo


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