Europe Travel Wish List

Over the course of years, we have prepared a list of attractions/cities we wanted to visit based on the articles in magazines, internet and visit by friends. Many places might not be feasible to visit for some or the other reasons, but we have included them in our travel wish list hoping we might get a chance to visit them some day during our lifetime.

Eastern Europe

  1. Visit St Vitus Cathedral and the Prague Castle
  2. Explore the St. Basils Cathedral in Moscow

Northern Europe

  1. Eat Cornish pasties at Cornwall in England
  2. Visit the Fjords in Norway and drive along the Atlantic Ocean Road
  3. Visit the Lake District in England and hike the mountains
  4. Visit the Hadrian’s Wall
  5. View the Northern Lights preferably from the ‘Northern Lights Bar’ at Hotel ION in Iceland
  6. Visit Scottish Highlands
  7. Visit Stonehenge

Southern Europe

  1. Cruise along the Amalfi Coast
  2. Sail around the Capri island
  3. Explore La Sagrada Familia & Gaudi architecture at Barcelona
  4. Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  5. Explore the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia
  6. Explore the Roman ruins of Pompeii, Naples and Rome
  7. See the sunset in Santorini, Greece
  8. Gaze at Michelangelo’s ‘The Last Judgement’ on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Vatican City
  9. Get lost in the streets and alleys of Venice

Western Europe

  1. Explore the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands
  2. Visit Brugges in Belgium
  3. Visit the French Riviera
  4. Ski in the Swiss Alps
  5. Visit the beautiful Kuekenhof Tulip gardens, Netherlands
  6. Explore the Neuschwanstein castle in Germany
  7. View Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower
  8. Explore Mozart’s Vienna, Austria

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